Safe Surgeries Declaration

Birdhurst Medical Practice is proud to be a safe surgery for everyone in our community.

In recognition of the barriers to healthcare access faced by people in vulnerable  circumstances, including migrants, we commit to protecting the human right to health. We will take steps to ensure that everyone in our community may fulfill their  entitlement to quality healthcare.

In partnership with Doctors of the World UK, we will ensure that our practice offers a  welcoming space for everyone who seeks to use our services.

Mindful of our duties to uphold equality and human rights law, we will implement  patient registration policies which do not discriminate based on race, gender, sexual  orientation, immigration status or any other characteristic.

Supported by the Safe Surgeries initiative, we will ensure that our staff understand  the specific barriers faced by migrants in vulnerable circumstances and that they are  empowered to mitigate these barriers, where possible.

We will ensure that a lack of identification or proof of address, immigration status or  language do not prevent patient registration.

As a member of the Safe Surgeries community, we will endeavour to support other  Safe Surgeries and, where appropriate, provide feedback to Doctors of the World UK  to support the development of the network.

Signed: Michelle Kerrigan

Role: Practice Manager

Date: 10th May 2022